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DPS 2022 City Wide Art Show

We’re pleased to announce that the following elementary and middle school students have artwork that will be in the Dearborn Public Schools 2022 City Wide Art Show! The opening ceremony for students and their families is Tuesday, April 5, at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center from 4:30-7pm (admission is free for all).

Nirdeen AlbadaniKAbdulrahman Alhaidari6thRnaa Albadani8th
Walaa AlnedhamiKHaneen Hammoud6th
Saif Alrayyashi1stDiana Ajrouche6th
Hussein Sobh1stFatima Alyasiri7th
Hassen Oudeif2ndRenaad AlBadani7th
Layan Mahmud3rdAngela Hassoun7th
Dima Mrad3rdManar Algahmi7th
Yassmine Kharouf4thMelodya Abbas8th
Zaynab Ballout5thMalak Alhajim8th
Redhwan Ahmed5thNour Almihtar8th

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