McCollough - Unis

Parent Letter

McCollough Elementary

Unis Middle School

March 24, 2022

Dear McCollough Unis Families,

There has recently been a national trend in the purchase and use of Gel blaster toy guns, also marketed as Orbeez toy guns, Splat toy guns, or Splatter Ball toy guns. These are toy guns that shoot out small beads known as Orbeez, similar to a BB gun. Although Orbeez are soft, when shot at a high-speed they are able to induce pain and injury.  It is important to be aware that there is a dangerous social media trend called the ‘Orbeez Challenge’ that encourages the shooting of unsuspecting strangers with these guns. This poses a safety risk to those being fired upon. These toy guns can also easily be mistaken as real weapons putting a user in danger of retaliation. There have been reports, nationally, of teens being charged criminally for shooting air guns out of moving cars at random pedestrians. Locally, a Dearborn teenager was arrested and is facing assault charges for shooting at several bystanders.

In order to get ahead of this trend and prevent any such action against our students, we are asking you to be aware of this trend and discuss the dangerous nature with your children. Furthermore, it is important to understand that these Gel blaster guns are prohibited on any school grounds and will be considered weapons under the Dearborn Schools Student Code of Conduct. 

Please take the time to speak to your child/children about the importance of not participating in any challenge that jeopardizes their safety or the safety of any student or staff member.  Any student that participates in such challenges or brings any weapon to school will face school disciplinary action and law enforcement will be notified.

Thank you for your support and have a safe and relaxing spring break.   


Chadi Farhat



7801 Maple

Dearborn, MI  48126 313-827-1700 office

313-827-1705 fax

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