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GSRP free preschool holding enrollment event at McCollough on Nov. 17

The district’s free preschool program for qualified families still has some openings and will be holding another registration event on Nov. 17. 2023.

Families should call first to (313) 827-6150 to make an appointment to register that day at Cotter Early Childhood Center, McCollough Elementary, Henry Ford Elementary, Oakman Elementary or Salina Elementary.

The Great Start Readiness Program is funded by the state and is open to children who will turn 4 years old by Dec. 1.  

Student acceptance into the program is prioritized based on family income and other eligibility factors that put students at-risk of struggling in school.  

Last summer the state raised the income guidelines for this school year to 300 percent of poverty level. That means a family of four earning up to $90,000 a year would qualify for GSRP.  In addition to family income, at-risk factors can include families who speak a language other than English at home, and a parent or parents with low educational achievement, among several other factors.  This year GSRP will take applications for all students who are eligible based solely on their age.  To apply, students must live with a parent or legal guardian within the Dearborn Public School District.

Dearborn has 624 slots for GSRP students at 15 locations, but most sites are full for this year.  The classes are generally 16 students with two adults, including a certified early childhood specialist.  Classes meet for a full day from Monday to Thursday.  Times vary slightly by building, but are similar to the elementary school schedule.

Learn more on the Cotter School website.

“We focus on kindergarten readiness. Our emphasis is on student social/emotional readiness for school,” said Amy Modica, the district’s Early Childhood Coordinator. In addition to learning academics like letters and colors, GSRP students learn how to get along with other children, how to take care of themselves, and other skills they will need to thrive in kindergarten.

“We strongly encourage interested families to call and learn more and to fill out an application,” Ms. Modica said.

GSRP Nov. 17, 2023 enrollment flyer

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