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Kid Chemist Science Fair


Fair is a fun and competitive event, hosted by Kid Chemist. The purpose of this science fair is to provide numerous benefits and scholarships to students, which encourage their educational and social development. We want students to reach their creative side and create hands-on experiments. Perhaps one of the most valuable benefits is the chance to show, explain, and talk about their projects to others. It’s rewarding for fellow students, parents, teachers, and community members to have an opportunity to see and appreciate their many weeks of hard work. Because science fairs also offer judging, students are motivated to strive for excellence and understand what worked well in their projects and where they can improve. Science fair participants are able to:

  • Create their own learning experiences and innovations, just as scientists do in the real world.
  • Design experiments/display boards to communicate the stories of their science projects.
  • Participate as a community and support and encourage their fellow students at the fair.
  • Teach students to be independent and teach themselves.
  • Interact with adults and improve presentation skills by answering questions from visitors.
  • Receive public recognition and scholarships for their future educational career.

When and where is the Science Fair? Kid Chemist Science Fair will take place at Hype Athletics on Sunday May 21st, 2023.

What do you win? Each section (elementary students, middle school students, high school students) will have a 1st place winner and a 2nd place winner. Kid Chemist Science Fair will have a total of 6 winners! (3) 1st place winners and (3) 2nd place winners!

First place will receive a $500 scholarship.

Second place will receive a $300 scholarship.

All scholarships will be used towards their education ONLY.

Who can participate? Kid Chemist science fair will be separated by elementary school students, middle school students, and high school students.

The following will compete against each other for a chance at scholarship awards.

Elementary School Students: 3rd grade-5th grade

Middle School Students: 6th grade-8th grade

High School Students: 9th grade-12th grade

How many students can participate in the science fair? 10 students per group. Remember elementary school students will compete only with elementary school students. Middle school students will compete only with middle school students. High school students will compete only with high school students.

Elementary School Students: 10 participates

Middle School Students: 10 participates

High School Students: 10 participates

How do students enter to be part of this science fair? Students who want to participate need to submit a proposal for approval. Fill out the application form on Please submit it as soon as possible as it is first come, first serve (no duplicate experiments)! After the proposal has been accepted, a rubric will be sent to you to begin working on your experiment.

When should you start preparing and experimenting? It is ideal to start working on your experiment a month before the science fair to perfect it and have everything ready for the big day. YOU WANT TO WIN THE SCHOLARSHIPS!!

What are judges looking for? A rubric will be emailed to participants. YES THERE WILL BE JUDGES! Judges will be looking for:

  • How prepared you are
  • How organized you are
  • Presentation
  • Scientific method

Dress Code: Business attire

Need Help? Kid Chemist is always here to help and support you through the process. This should NOT be overwhelming, make sure you are having fun while learning. Reach out to us through email or by phone 313-645-0027 for any questions or help you may need. You may also reach out to your science teachers or parents/guardians for extra support. You must have at least one phone meeting with Zahraa Mougnieh to discuss everything.

Who can attend the science fair with you? This is a huge and exciting event, and we want everyone to celebrate with us. Each participant can bring family/friends with them, please let us know how many people you would like to bring with you, they would have to RSVP.

Please try to limit it to 2 guests because of covid restrictions.

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