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Summer Reading for Incoming 9th Graders

Directions: Students will select one of the novels below and read the article “Self-Concept” from commonlit that defines where one’s identity stems from psychologically. As they read, students are expected to complete the following note-taker to support their first writing assignment in the fall.

Pre-reading Task: Students read this Self-Concept article and preview books.

During Reading Task:* Students make a copy of this Note-taker, complete notes as they read, and save the slideshow in their Google Drive for future use.

*Those students attending summer school will have support with reading their selected book and completing the task (ex: SSR time or small groups)

Post-reading Task: Students will complete a task in the fall with their Language Arts 1 class to reflect upon both their Summer Reading Novel and compare it to the Self-Concept article.

Reading Choices: Students download a copy via Open eBooks (see link for directions) or take a hard copy from their 8th grade ELA teacher.

TitleCover Image DescriptionLocation
SpeakReviewOpen E-books through First Books APP
Need code and pin from FristBooks – Free
Everything is FineReviewOpen E-Books
Survival Strategies of the Almost BraveReview Open E-Books
Scared Lies of Minnow BlyReview Open E-Books
Balcony on the MoonReviewOpen E-Books
Athlete vs MathleteReviewOpen E-Books
This Side of HomeReviewOpen E-Books
The Art of Being NormalReview Open E-Books
How Lunchbox Jones Saved MeReviewOpen E-Books
Being Henry DavidReview Open E-Books
A Bottle in the Gaza SeaReviewOpen E-Books

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Laurie Lintner, K-12 Literacy Coordinator

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