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Passphrase changes extend Summer Learning Due Date

Due to changes in student passwords- the deadline for the summer learning requirements for Math and LA has been extended to Sept. 7th
The following is an update on information about the passprhase change.  All students have received a new passphrase on their 2018-2019 schedule and should reset all of them for this school year:
Please be aware that all students Grade 6-14 will have their passphrase reset on the morning of Monday, August 20th. Passphrases will be reset to a unique string. Each student will have a passphrase that is unique to them.
The passphrase (labeled as Password:) will be printed on Student Schedules (see attachment).
  • Change your password on August 20th to something that only you know AND can remember.
  • Do NOT lose your Student Schedule.
  • Do NOT share your Schedule with anyone else.
  • Do not take a picture of Student Schedule and share it.
  • Do NOT share your passphrase with anyone else.
August 20th is the day that the passphrases will change. The passphrase printed on your schedule will not work until August 20th. Starting August 20th, the passphrase printed on your schedule will be your passphrase until you change it.

Remember that good digital security is everyone’s responsibility. You should not reuse passphrases. Your passphrase should be long (at least 10 characters) and memorable to you.

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