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Apply for McU Bots Robotics Team

Want to JOIN the McU Bots Robotics Team?

Want to JOIN the McU Bots Robotics Team? You need to be dependable, work well in groups, have good citizenship, and have TWO teacher recommendations.

Things to know
1. Before applying, you need TWO recommendations FROM YOUR TEACHERS FROM LAST YEAR. If possible, ask your teachers if you can list them as a Teacher Recommendation FIRST.
2. A year long commitment ( September to June )
3. Meet twice a week (September to December) after school
5. You need a way home after the meeting (no bus )
6. One (or more) Saturday competition(s)
7. 6-8th Graders

Please NOTE- We need MENTORS to help with PROGRAMMING and ENGINEERING. Please email me at, if you know someone that can be a team MENTOR.

Click here to apply for the McU Bots Robotics Team.

APPLICATIONS DUE ON or BEFORE Wednesday, September 19th. You MUST log in to your Dearborn Public School account to apply.

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