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Summer Learning

Please read the summer learning program descriptions for all middle school students:


The summer school program will take place at Dearborn High School for the middle school students.  This is for students failing two or more classes.  Each student will find his/her own transportation to DHS and has to pay $125 for each summer school class.

Summer blended program will be for students that are two grades below or worse in reading OR did not meet the one year’s growth in reading on the NWEA test.  This will be one day at school and the other four days per week will have the students working at home.  

Third, summer learning will be for all students not in summer school nor summer blended programs. Each student will read 60 minutes per week using MobyMax.  Each student will read three books over the summer.  An index card with relevant book information will be filled out for each book. Each student will prepare a book talk for the teacher in the fall for one of the books.

Fourth, for exiting eighth grade students who will enter ninth grade in the fall of the 2017 – 2018 school year, the summer requirements include reading a minimum two books over the summer.  Upon entering high school in the fall, each student will submit a reading chart.  Also, the ninth grade students will have an additional assignment pertaining to the book.

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