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Dearborn City Wide Arts Festival

The Dearborn Public Schools 2017 City Wide Art Show starts this week. Come help us celebrate our school district’s featured artists!
The opening ceremony for students and their families is tomorrowWednesday, April 19, at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center from 4-5:30 (admission is free for all).
Students from our school who will be featured are:

Amar Alumaey, Kindergarten, “W is for Winter”

Layali Hashem, Kindergarten, “I is for Ice Cream”
Ibrahim Froukh, 1st, Snowmen
Mohamad Awada, 2nd, Portrait
Zahraa Zein, 2nd, Pumpkin
Rima Aljumaily, 3rd, Corn Drawing
Israa Khanafer, 4th, Leaf Relief
Malak Elmoussa, 4th, Lamp
Zahra Bzeih, 5th, Paper Sculpture
Reem Sleiman, 5th, Snowflake Symmetry
Alison Coleman (6th grade): Negative/Positive Design 
Zainab Almusawi (6th grade): Zentangle Hands
Nadeen Seklawi (6th grade): “Rose” Bowl, Shoe Still Life
Hana Taha (6th grade): “Heart” Bowl
Aya Fayad (6th grade): Shoe Still Life
Rukaya Altiwainy (7th grade): O’Keeffe Flowers
Zahra Alkarem (7th grade): Name Design
Houda Albazzal (7th grade): “Day of the Dead” Skull
Zeinab Elkatib (7th grade): “Day of the Dead” Skull
Faize Alachkar (8th grade): Letter “F”
Zeina Bazzi (8th grade): “Day of the Dead” Mask
Zainab Alnajim (8th grade): “Day of the Dead” Mask
Hanan Saleh (8th grade): Floral Box

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